We’ve indeed come a long way from the small consultancy company at the corner of Van Diemenstraat street in Amsterdam. Over the last 25 years we’ve acquired knowledge from many sectors including notary, sport and finance. In the last decade we focused our routing towards the niche market for loans and mortgages in the cloud.


We are now a multinational company with several branches in Europe. What did not change over time is our passion for innovation and for making things our own way - with the Davinci touch. This means most effectively and with the aim to automate processes as much as possible. We are committed to results and we are prepared to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients with pragmatic and forward-looking solutions.


With the redesigned corporate identity, Davinci enters into a new era. We wish to be successful with bridging over the past and welcoming the future with even more stability and knowledge.


Our visual identity has been specifically designed to represent us. It is a reflection of our values, ambitions, and our personality. We’ve based it on the contrast between the traditional industry we operate in and the progressive, innovative approach we pursue. We identified a "Slope", which is a visual representation of Davinci being that invisible bridge.

The colours of Davinci

Colours play an essential role in expressing and differentiating the visual identity of Davinci. We have added 3 secondary colors to the corporate purple which has been also adjusted. The tone of the new purple color is bright, warm, easily remembered and well distinguishable against bright and dark backgrounds.

Logo & brand elements

Small adjustments have been made to the logo in terms of alignment and kerning to make it look more concise and unified. To breath some fresh air into our brand, we have come up with the idea to use the letters V and I as part of our visual communication. The elements are used across the website and the entire brand communication.

Corporate font

We wanted a traditional font, which would be unique and strong at the same time. Something, that would complement the FinTech industry with a fresh and elegant typeface.

We went through dozens of typefaces before we chose the BitnerTM font (by The Northern Block Ltd.). We found it strong enough to use it both for the title and the paragraph texts.

We are


We are

Result driven

We are


We are

Unique story told through unique design

We are Davinci

A company with a professional and personal approach. We speak in an open minded and informal manner. Plus, we always add a bit of passion. Our language reflects the atmosphere in Davinci.